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Comprehensive Commercial Insurance Products for Your Business

Imperial Coverage understands that every business is unique, with very specific risks. We are dedicated to helping your business thrive by providing a range of tailored Commercial Insurance Products designed to protect your assets, reputation, and financial stability.

The Imperial Advantage

Tailored Insurance Solutions
We work closely with you to understand your business needs and risks, providing customized insurance packages that fit your unique requirements.

Experienced Advisers
Our team of seasoned insurance professionals has a deep understanding of the commercial insurance landscape. We provide informed guidance and dedicated support to assist you with your insurance coverage.

Prompt Assistance
We’re just a phone call away when you have questions, concerns, or need assistance. Our customer-centric approach ensures you receive the assistance you require when needed.

Competitive Insurance Rates
We provide competitive pricing on our commercial insurance policies, allowing you to protect your business without straining your budget.


As your business adapts to changes, our acclaimed experts and risk specialists are hard at work, refining your individual policies to ensure that your always protected. We strive to select exclusively high-caliber services and are ready to enhance your customized coverage.
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We offer commercial insurance for motor vehicles used for your company.
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General Liability
The shield that protects your business from the most common business liabilities. Depending on the scale of liabilities your business is prone to facing, your general liability coverage might include bodily injury, medical expenses, personal injury, advertising injury, products liability, and more.
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Our commercial property insurance ensures that you are protected from natural disasters, accidents, or other events in the unforeseeable future.
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Umbrella Policies
Comprehensive coverage for your business. Completely customizable: can include as much or as little as you want it to.
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Workers Comp
If your business has employees, this is a New York state mandate. Coverage includes medical expenses and lost wages for employees suffering from work-related injuries or occupational diseases.
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Errors & Omissions
This coverage protects your business from negligence claims. This is particularly advantageous for IT/technology, marketing consultants, attorneys, doctors, engineers, architects, counselors, accountants, and real estate agents.

Our commercial insurance coverage offerings are extensive.
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