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Employee Health Insurance

Employers seeking premium employee benefits at low costs will find their solutions at Imperial Coverage. Our unique and creative benefit solutions give your business a competitive advantage for recruitment and employee retention, allowing for satisfied employees and a growing business.

At Imperial Coverage, we will ensure that your employee benefit and health care packages cover all of the necessary requirements. Moreover, you’ll have access to our Imperial Coverage team, which consists of talented professionals with wide-ranging areas of expertise. Our team is available year-round to assist with the daily administration of your benefits program, thus reducing the burden on your HR Department or Administrator.


We advise clients of all sizes, ranging from individuals and families to small businesses and large multi-location, national employers. We support all employee benefit products from employer sponsored medical plans to voluntary benefits. Imperial Coverage is contracted with carriers throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on having comprehensive coverage options to meet every possible need of our clients.
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Fully-Insured, Self-Insured, Level-Funded and Reference-Based Pricing structures.
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PEO Solutions
A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a one-stop service provider that allows business owners to concentrate on running their business without spending time on these administrative tasks. Our PEO offerings include service from technical experts in HR, payroll, tax filing, and employee benefits.
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Ancillary Benefits
Ancillary benefits are a secondary kind of coverage used to supplement group health insurance. Ancillary benefits can also include other sought-after employee benefits too, such as dental, vision, life, disability, and other types of supplemental insurance.
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Additional Solutions
HSA, FSA, Limited FSA, DCFSA, HRA, Transit, Wage Parity for Home Care Workers, COBRA, & ERISA Compliance Services (Wrap Plan Documents, SPD’s, Simple Cafeteria Plans-Section 125 (POP) & 5500 filings)
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Through our strategic partnerships, we have a variety of innovative ways that we can provide both you and your employees actionable insights into your health
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Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
An employee assistance program (EAP) is a workplace benefit that provides employee counseling services to help overcome any personal or workplace challenges. The employees who enroll in the program, as well as the topics discussed, are confidential. Employees have the opportunity to work with licensed, professional counselors to talk about challenges that may affect their work performance.
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