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Mandated Disability Benefits in New York (NY)

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The State of New York requires employers to provide disability benefits in the form of temporary weekly cash benefits to partly replace wages lost due to off-the-job injuries or illnesses. Disability benefits are also paid to an unemployed worker to replace unemployment insurance benefits lost because of illness or injury. Employers can obtain coverage for disability benefits from a state-authorized insurance carrier, or, for authorized large employers, may self-insure.

An employer of at least one person on each of 30 days in any calendar year becomes a “covered” employer under the law 4 weeks after the 30th day of such employment, with exceptions for certain non-profit religious, charitable, and educational institutions. Click here for more information.

An employer is allowed, but not required, to collect contributions from its employees to offset the cost of providing benefits. In addition, an employer must supply a worker who has been disabled more than 7 days with a Statement of Rights under the Disability Benefits Law within 5 days of learning that the worker is disabled.

For additional information on the New York State disability benefits law, please click here.

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