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New York Minimum Wage

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The table below provides an overview of minimum wage requirements in New York state.  

Effective dateDec. 31, 2020Dec. 31, 2021
Long Island and Westchester$14$15
Remainder of the state$12.50$13.20*
Fast food workers throughout state$14.50$15
New York City$15$15

*This rate will be adjusted and announced annually by the New York Department of Labor until it reaches $15 per hour.  

Tipped Employees

New York state law allows employers in all industries (except for building service) to satisfy the minimum wage by combining a “cash wage” paid by the employer with a credit or allowance for tips that the employee receives from customers. 

Cash wages and tip credits in New York state depend on location and industry. Employers should review the information published by the NYDOL for more information. 

More Information 

Please Note: The state laws summaries featured on this site are for general informational purposes only. In addition to state law, certain municipalities may enact legislation that imposes different requirements. State and local laws change frequently and, as such, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information featured in the State Laws section. For more detailed information regarding state or local laws, please contact your state labor department or the appropriate local government agency.

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