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New York Notices and Posters

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The following posters are mandatory for New York employers so that employees have access to and information about applicable labor laws.  These posters can be downloaded from the links below. 

General State Posting Requirements 

Posting RequirementsNotesPoster Format
Criminal Conviction Records NoticeEmployers must post a copy of Article 23-A of the correlation law. This article relates to the employment of individuals with a criminal record. English
Discrimination is Prohibited English/Spanish (PDF)
Equal Pay Provision English
Minimum Wage English
No SmokingAppropriate signage must be prominently posted where smoking and vaping is prohibited or permitted.International No Smoking Symbol (PDF) No Smoking Poster in English (PDF) Smoking Permitted Poster in English (PDF)   
Notice of Fringe Benefits and HoursEmployers must notify their employees of sick leave, vacation, personal leave, holiday and hours of work policies. The notice can be provided in writing or by publicly posting them. Click here for more information. English
Nursing Mothers NoticeEmployers must provide this notice to employees who are returning to work following the birth of a child and to all employees through a handbook or by posting it in a central location. English
Paid Family Leave (PFL)Employers generally must display or post a notice concerning PFL. Upon securing PFL insurance or Board-approved self-insurance, employers must obtain Form PFL-120 from their insurance carrier or licensed agent and display the form in a conspicuous location. Self-insured employers can obtain this form by contacting the Workers’ Compensation Board 
Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy NoticeEmployers must provide, in writing, a copy of this policy. The policy must include annual sexual harassment prevention training. Click here fore more information.  
Time Off to Vote English (PDF)
Unemployment Insurance  This poster is obtained by registering with the Unemployment Insurance Division and calling 888-899-8810. 
Workers’ Compensation These posters are required for employers subject to New York’s workers’ compensation laws:Workers’ Compensation noticeDisability Benefits poster   Employers must obtain from their insurance carrier

Industry-Specific and Other Special Poster Requirements

IndustryPoster RequirementsPoster Format
Agricultural IndustryFarm Minimum Wage: farm employers are required to post it where employees can see it. Print on legal size, 8.5 inch x 14 inch, paper. Click here and scroll down to “Postings/Fact Sheets.”English (PDF)
Apparel IndustryMinimum Wage posterEnglish (PDF)
Child care and mother health care facilitiesBreastfeeding Mothers’ Bill of Rights: must be conspicuously posted in a public place in each maternal health care facility and each child day care facility.Multiple Languages (PDF)
Commissaries Commissary Price List (for commissary operators)English (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)
Construction Industry Fair Play Act posterEnglish (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)  
Public Work Project posterEnglish (PDF)
Prevailing wage rate schedule: the current schedule must be:Posted on the site of the public work project where workers can see and access it;Encased in, or made of, weatherproof materials; and Titled “PREVAILING RATE OF WAGES” in letters that are at least 2 x 2 inches.    Obtain from contracting agency. Click here for more information.
Domestic WorkersMinimum Wage posterEnglish (PDF)
Spanish (PDF)
Food and Beverage IndustryDeductions from Wages posterEnglish (PDF)
Tip Appropriation posterEnglish (PDF)
Hospitality Industry  Minimum Wage poster. Click here for additional information and resources. English (PDF)
Health Care     Nurse Coverage Plan poster: relates to mandatory nurse overtime work. Must be posted in a location accessible to all nursing staff. English (PDF)
Nail Salons  Workers’ Bill of RightsEnglish (PDF)
Multiple Languages (PDF) (scroll down on page)   

New York City Posters and Notices

New York City PosterNotesPoster Format
Fair Chance ActEmployers with 4 or more employees subject to the Fair Chance Act
Note: If, after a job offer, an employer wants to revoke the offer based on the existence of a criminal record, the employer must, among other things, use the Fair Chance Notice to explain why.      
English (PDF)
Lactation AccommodationNew York City employers with at least 4 employees must provide lactation rooms, as well as refrigerators, in reasonable proximity to work areas for employees to express and store breast milk. these employers are also required to implement a written lactation room accommodation policy to be distributed to all new employees. Click here to download model policies and a request form.  
Mandatory Sick LeaveEmployers must provide employees, upon commencement of employment, a written notice about their right to sick leave. The notice must be in English and in the employees’ primary language (as applicable). The notice may also be conspicuously posted at the employers’place of business in an area accessible to employees.  English (PDF)
Additional languages
Pregnancy and Employment RightsEmployers in New York City employing 4 or more employeesEnglish (PDF)
SchedulingEmployers must conspicuously post a notice regarding the New York City Temporary Schedule Change Law in English and in any other primary language that is spoken by at least 5% of the employees who work at that particular location (provided the City has made the notice available in that language). These notices must be printed on and scaled to fill an 11″ x 17″sheet of paper. English (PDF)
Sexual Harassment NoticesNYC employers must post a sexual harassment poster in employee breakrooms or other common areas and distribute a sexual harassment fact sheet to employees a the time of hire. The poster must be posted in both English and Spanish.Sexual Harassment Notice (PDF)Sexual Harassment Fact Sheet (PDF)

Federal Poster Requirements

Some of the statutes and regulations enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and other federal agencies require that notices be provided to employees or posted in the workplace. The DOL provides free electronic and printed copies of its required posters through its elaws Poster Advisor

The Advisor can be used to determined which posters employers are required to display at their paces or business. Posters, available in English and other languages, may be downloaded and printed directly from the Advisor, or from this page

Please Note: The posters presented herein are for general reference only. This information has been taken from sources which we believe to be reliable, but there is no guarantee as to its accuracy. State or local laws or individual circumstances such as size of company or industry may impact the state requirements related to specific employer posters and notices. As such, we do not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of posters featured in the Posters section.

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